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Joyce Marie Rayno Joe Theroux
Bob Reiser Laconia Therrio
Ethel Miller-Reith Tim Van Egmond
Karianna L. Rosenberg Margie Warner
Carolyn Stearns Donna Washington
Cate Steel Teresa Whitaker & Frank Schwartz
Take Two Tandem Tellers Dawn Wright
Nothando Zulu

Joyce Marie RaynoJoyce Marie Rayno

Myths - Mysteries - Miracles
273 Dublin Hill Road
Southbury, CT 06488
Phone: (203) 264-4447
Email: JoyceMarieRayno@aol.com

Once upon a time...

Joyce Marie is pictured as "The Beautiful Witch of Woodbury", one of the characters she represents - as she recounts stories from the grave.

Some of Joyce's other aliases - and costumed programs are:

Scheherazade - She spins tales of the Arabian Nights
Mother Goose - A zany approach
Sadie, The Scarecrow - Less scary stories
Mehitable Adams - a fictional character sharing
      Connecticut and New England Folktales.
      Mehitable also recounts the story of Reverend Marshall and the election of
      the first Episcopal Bishop in the United States.
James Francis Rodgers - A young photographer who spent
      a "Night With the Leatherman" - a hobo who dressed all in leather, lived in caves,
      and walked a 350-mile circuit once a month.
Candace Roberts and Sylvia Lewis - two young ladies who kept diaries
      during the 1850's - Joyce Marie impersonates one or the other as she tell excerpts
      from their respective diaries.

As JOYCE MARIE RAYNO, she caters to children's programs, with participation and props, using the skills of repetition and counting for reinforcement.

A favorite program is "The American Girl Dolls Tell Their Stories". The thirteen dolls travel with Joyce Marie as she tells excerpts from their books.

Joyce Marie has developed a program about the Civil War that is geared for an audience from twelve years to adult.

Most of her programs are customized to each individual whim and fancy, or profound thought.
If you prefer, you may choose a specific program geared to any age - 1 to 101.

Some of Joyce Marie's designed programs:
Saints Alive!
Winsome Wit and Wisdom
Gathered Here and There... Multi-Cultural stories
Fortitude in Fairytales
Three Apples Fell Ftom Heaven
Have You Ever Seen a Leprechaun?
The Adventures of Super Pickle
Love Makes the World Go Round
When I Am An Old Woman

... and they lived happily ever after.

Fee: Negotiable

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Bob ReiserBob Reiser

222 Loudville Road
Easthampton, MA 01027
phone: 413-527-1871
Email: bobtales@msn.com
Website: www.bobtales.com

Bob is an expansive storyteller, teacher and an award-winning author of books for children and adults. Whether he is spinning an original wonder-tale for children, bringing new life to an old folk tale or recounting stories of growing-up in Brooklyn, Bob brings warmth and wit to everything he tells. Jay O'Callahan says, "Bob smiles with his whole body!"

From New York's Clearwater Hudson River Festival to Pittsburgh's Three River Festival to Vancouver's World Storytelling Day Bob brings his unique and joyous story telling around the world.

McFarland Press listed him among the "120 best contemporary English-speaking Storytellers."
Dr. Morgan Hill (Brother Blue) calls him a "force of nature."

Through his school residencies in Story-making and Storytelling he has taught thousands of children throughout the northeast how to craft and tell their own tales.

Fees: Negotiable.

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Ethel Miller-ReithEthel Miller-Reith

35 Judson Place
Ansonia, Ct 06401
Phone: 203-736-2200
Email: ethelreith@hotmail.com
Website: www.thelionandrobin.com

STORYTELLER – AUTHOR – PLAYWRIGHT - Ethel Miller-Reith has a medley of stories to delight her listeners! Her imagination has no boundaries. Ethel custom writes and delivers programs to fit your event theme and audiences of all ages. She was the keynote speaker for Southwestern agency where she performed a program designed especially for their audience “Telling the stories of our lives.”

Hospitals, non-profit agencies, libraries, schools, churches, shelters and youth groups have been enchanted by her creativity and skill. She gives expert presentations on the creative writing process, particularly to high school students where she takes special interest in helping them to recognize and use their gifts to fulfill their dreams.

Ethel has been recognized for her books by the Westport, CT Library as one of their local artists. She will be introducing her new fairy tale - "Chickadee.”

Special rates for non-profit organizations

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Karianna L. RosenbergKarianna L. Rosenberg

93 Little City Rd.
Killingworth, CT 06419
Phone: (860) 345-2903
Email: kariannarosenberg@yahoo.com

Karianna Rosenberg is a storyteller, multicultural specialist, Spanish teacher, outdoor educator, dancer, actress, and mime artist. She has been a resident specialist, teacher, and performer in schools, childcare centers, and community art centers.

Currently she serves as resident storyteller, dancer and outdoor educator for Two Coyotes Wilderness School and is a member of the Connecticut Storytelling Center, League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling, and The Healing Story Alliance.

Offering programs in both Spanish and English, Karianna guides listeners deep into their imaginations through her poetic and vivid imagery of world folk tales, myths, heroine and hero journeys, trickster tales, and nature stories. She has a unique ability to engage all of the senses as she takes her listeners on magical journeys to better understand other cultures, the natural world, and themselves.

Karianna holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology with an emphasis in dance and Spanish, and a Masters of Arts in Teaching Spanish and English as second languages.

“Through Karianna, listeners are enveloped in a lush world of sights and sounds, excitingly anticipating what may happen next. Karianna’s animated storytelling holds the attention of young and old, leaving such a real impression that listeners can relive the story over and over again.” - Dan Mund, Co-teacher and Parent, Two Coyotes Wilderness School.

“Karianna has a spell-binding storytelling performance. She embodies each character with such fullness that the listener becomes pulled into the story and a part of the epic adventure.” - Justin Pegnataro, Executive Director, Two Coyotes Wilderness School

“Karianna is a stunning story teller who captivates audiences young and old alike! Truly, a gift to those within earshot - you cannot help but be transfixed by her characters that come alive right before your eyes, and caught up in the tales she masterfully weaves. She had us on the edge of our seats, waiting for each line to unfold. She also had us basking peacefully, as we waited to be fed each new detail of her story. Pure bliss! This age old craft is a refreshing and exhilarating experience we would never have known were it not for Karianna .... Once again, our world is a much better place because of you, and my family is so grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of this extraordinary program.” – Kristen Donaldson, Parent, Newtown, CT

Fees: Negotiable

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Carolyn Stearns Carolyn Stearns – Storyteller & Announcer
"I make a simple story one you never forget"

440 Mansfield City Rd.
Storrs, CT 06268
Phone: 860-690-4292;
Fax: 860-423-6881
you-tube/ctstoryteller, Facebook, Twitter, Google+: www.carolynstearnsstoryteller.blogspot.com
Website: www.carolynstearnsstoryteller.com

Stories for all ages, filled with rich coloration brought by diverse experiences in agriculture, history, the equine world and music.

Cathie Hatrick-Anderson of Bobcat Farm said of a performance, "... I love the way she tells a story, she is able to take you right along with the main character from dark pathways on a windy night to the dusty streets of Tombstone. You can actually put yourself right in the story. Story telling of this caliber has just about become a lost art. It’s not only refreshing to listen to these stories it takes the older folks back to the days when grandma and grandpa would spin yarns. I really can’t speak for the younger set, but it may be their first real experience to actually hear a story that’s not coming from a television or a computer. What a treat!"

Another voice, this one from a school program: "Carolyn, Thanks so much for another memorable afternoon at Wolf Rock. You really captivate the imaginations of the third graders and adults alike!" – Deb Csere, Vinton School

For storytellers, for students, seniors and communities.
Web Presence for beginners, Living and Telling the Civil War Experience, Public Speaking - the number one fear can be tamed!

S.T.E.A.M. Ice Cream - STEM curriculum with the art of storytelling - a workshop that teachers the curriculum using alternative energy to make 5 gallons of ice cream.

Workshop particpant Christine Rothe said of the Web Presence Workshop: "Carolyn took us through the basic steps but gave us so much more in the process. She seemed to know what our fears and our questions were and answered them before we could even ask. She gave clear and insightful information and encouragement to try new things and why it is important to do so."

Story Event Production and Promotion:
Current producer of the A-MAZE-ING Story Slam, VoiceMail Storytelling Open Mic, Campus Slammer, and Tellabrations

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Cate SteelCate Steel

Catherine Steel
23 Rose Lane
East Lyme, CT 06333-1645
Phone: 860-235-0021
Email: catesteel@gmail.com

This outstanding, energetic, and award winning storyteller has 30 years of professional experience in spinning tales, although she has told stories her whole life. She is one of the youngest in a family of nine children, whose antics and adventures never ceased to dismay their single mother. Teaching and storytelling in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Nebraska, Iowa, and Utah rooted her repertoire. Catherine travelled to Sydney, Brisbane, and Coffs Harbour, Australia where audiences marveled at her engaging manner, poise, quick-wit and humor.

American history comes to life for audiences as they listen to tales about spies, slaves, sailors, statesmen, or stateswomen. (Have you heard the story of Patience Lovell Wright—one of Catherine’s favorite.) Catherine has used puppets, magic tricks, props, balloon sculpturing, juggling, and costumes to enhance the visual images that she helps her audiences create. Music and rhythmic techniques underscore the words that are to be remembered. Each storytelling is tailored to the topic, its venue, and its desired outcomes. (Learning, laughing, loving, listening) Trained in the Connecticut’s Common Core, Catherine is able make desired learning outcomes come to life!

Schooled in the art of improv, Catherine has taught groups to work cooperatively to improve creativity, productivity and collegiality in the workplace. Participants learn to work together and say, “Yes, and…” Improv is all about building trust, supporting each other and developing talents in all participants.

Catherine has provided five star workshops for educators and parent groups who want to be effective facilitators for their family’s growth, development, language, learning.

From Boy Scouts to ballerinas; tots to teens; seniors citizens to professional enterprises Catherine has what it takes. Do you want a dynamic and memorable story told?

Fees: Please call to discuss or email.
Phone: 860-235-0021
Email: catesteel@gmail.com

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Take Two Tandem Tellers – Anne-Marie Forer and Cindy Killavey

Anne-Marie ForerAnne-Marie Forer
160 Medford St.
Warwick, RI 02889
Phone: Anne-Marie (401) 739-4171;
Email: tunesntales@hotmail.com

Cindy Killavey
240 Bramans Lane
Portsmouth, RI 02871
Phone: (401) 847-5148
Email: storyteller@storyri.com
Website: www.tandemtellers.com

Twice the talent, double the fun! Tellers Anne Marie Forer and Cindy Killavey combine their talents to present lively, interactive programs. Audiences throughout New England have enjoyed the music, merriment and madness when these two tellers take turns talking.

Anne Marie plays numerous instruments. Her experience as a school librarian plays a key role in developing Take Two’s Programming. Cindy is a professional actress, author and voice talent. She directs the staging of each story. Both women have a hand in "tweeking" each tale they tell or song they sing. From fun-filled concert performances to thematic classroom sessions these two deliver “edu-taining” performances.

See also Anne-Marie's directory listing for pre-school programming here.

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Joe Theroux

Joe TherouxJoe Theroux
120 Brookhaven Road
North Kingstown, RI 02852
Phone: 401-219-0879
Email: 401Stories@gmail.com
Website: www.401Stories.com

Joe Theroux’s unique blend of high-energy theatrical storytelling has been charming audiences of all ages since 1997. A five-time featured performer for the Rhode Island Libraries’ Summer Reading Program, Joe has also performed at schools, libraries, functions, and festivals from New England to Chicago.

Joe’s repertoire of character-driven stories includes a diverse collection of adapted folktales as well as an assortment of quirky original fables. Whether it’s the curveball-slinging princess who dreams of pitching in the major leagues or the young stick figure living in the “SLOW CHILDREN” sign who wants to change the world as a painter, each tale uses wit and warmth to inspire as well as entertain.

In addition to performances for children, Joe also offers programs for teens and adults, ranging from adapted Grimm tales to Irish ghost stories to “Indestructible, Not Invincible,” a show about mental health awareness.

Joe’s stories are enjoyed around the world on his podcast “401 Stories,” which is always free and available for streaming and download on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and Google Play.

Fees: The conversation starts at $300 per program, though that can go up for long travel times or down for block bookings and/or budgetary restraints.

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Laconia (Lot) TherrioLaconia Therrio

PO Box 16903
Stamford, CT 06905
Work: (203) 613-0279
Fax: (203) 461-9641
Email: lotscabin@gmail.com

A therapist, a chaplain and the Director of Behavioral Science of Stamford Hospital’s Family Medicine Residency Program, Laconia Therrio shares stories from across the globe. As a professional storyteller he tells stories in schools, libraries, corporations…or wherever stories can be told. Believing that stories remind us more of our commonalities than our differences, his repertoire include stories from the Americas, the African continent, Europe and Asia. Whether folktale, myth, fable or scary, he invites the listener to discover the wonder of each tale. Laconia is available for workshops, residencies, retreats, and concerts.

References upon request

"Laconia is a powerful storyteller. He is deeply connected to the stories he tells and deeply connected to his audience. The enchantment of community, art, and insight come together whenever and wherever Laconia performs." – Jane Gangi, CSC Member, Associate Professor of Education Mount Saint Mary College (Newburgh, NY)

"Laconia can tell an amazing story and he can teach kids to tell their own story. He skillfully blends together his talents as a storyteller and a teacher to help students find their voice, which is a teacher's greatest challenge. He demands that students 'own" their stories and know it intimately as they know themselves. His expectations are high for the students and himself alike. The educational psychologist Howard Gardner describes leadership and storytelling going hand in hand: 'Well, if storytelling is important, then your narrative ability, or your ability to put words or use what someone else has put into words effectively, is important too.' Laconia is a leader who creates other leaders through the art of storytelling." – Tom Thorpe, 9 - 10 grade English teacher, Colorado Academy, Denver, CO

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Tim Van EgmondTim Van Egmond

118 East Chestnut Hill Road
Montague, MA 01351
Phone: (413) 367-9304, cell: (413) 221-5156
Email: tim@timvanegmond.com
Website: www.timvanegmond.com

A gifted performer and artist-educator for over 30 years, Tim blends together tales, tunes, and songs to bring their wellspring of wisdom, humor, warmth, and excitement.

Music flows in and around his stories through his singing and playing on a wide variety of traditional instruments including hammered dulcimer, guitar, conga drum, and limberjack (a dancing wooden rhythm puppet). His dynamic style of voice and movement brings stories to life, and his knack for encouraging participation makes for high-spirited and engaging programs. Tim also offers workshops and residencies.

Programs include Building Bridges (multicultural stories of community and connection), Hearing Nature's Voice, Sun and Moon and Stars, Mystery Mastery, Shivers & Shudders, Sing, Say, Laugh, Clap! (for young children), "You Say 'Potato', I Say 'Pomme de Terre'" (celebrating the 400s section of the Dewey Decimal System, Languages), and The Story Bag. Each year Tim creates a special performance celebrating the Summer Reading Program theme. There are also special programs for seasons and holidays throughout the year.

Tim has been chosen for the New England States Touring Program, the Massachusetts Cultural Council's Creative Teaching Partners, and the New Hampshire State Library's "Kids, Books, and the Arts" program.

"Tim is a triple treat. He can sing, play instruments, and tell whopping good tales! "- Jane Yolen, renowned author and storyteller.

Audience: All ages

Fees: $425 and up. Reduced rates for block-bookings, Public Libraries, and residencies.
Fee support for Tim Van Egmond may be available to nonprofit organizations through the New England States Touring (NEST) program of the New England Foundation for the Arts. Visit www.nefa.org for more information.

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Margie WarnerMargie Warner

Music with Margie™
PO Box 185, Chester, CT 06412-0185
Phone: (860) 526-5794
Email: Margie@MusicWithMargie.com
Website: www.MusicWithMargie.com

Children's Recording Artist, Songwriter, Storyteller, Entertainer, Teacher, 
and Early Childhood Developmental Music Consultant

With a unique understanding of what makes kids tick, Margie has been teaching the joy and humor of life through music since 1979. For Preschool, she offers residencies or single performances of her "Music With Margie™" developmental music & movement program.

Elementary schools, libraries, camps, and youth service bureaus can enjoy many workshops and performances of folk & sing-a-long music music for all ages and themes. They are lively and entertaining, featuring interactive story-songs from her acclaimed Singin' Round the Campfire CD, On the Road with the Fun Family, and the limited edition, Tidal Tunes-Songs of River & Earth.

Families with infants/toddlers can enjoy the new interactive “Bouncing Babies” music for the very, very young! Fresh new summer shows every year-or customize your own show on any subject- there’s music in it!

In 2017, Margie became the Connecticut Storytelling Center’s Education Program Manager, promoting emergent literacy in classes from Pre-K to High School, by coordinating and providing talented Teaching Artists from the Connecticut Storytelling Center to schools across Connecticut!

Of Singin'Round the Campfire, The Hartford Courant says, "Delightful"; New Haven Register, "Joyful songs with storytelling lyrics that invite participation"; The Middletown Press, "lively and fun; kids of all ages will enjoy . . . hilarious!"

Audience: Pre-K, K-6, and Families

Fee: Negotiable

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Donna WashingtonDonna Washington / DLW Storyteller, Inc.

Donna Washington, Storyteller
Dave Klibanow, Manager
DLWStoryteller, Inc.
Phone: (919) 471-3036
Fax: (919) 620-6753
Email: Qbot5@aol.com
Website: www.Donnawashington.com
CHECK OUT DONNA'S NEW BLOG!!!! http://donnawashingtonstoryteller.blogspot.com/

Donna L. Washington is an award-winning storyteller and multicultural folklorist who has been sharing stories for over thirty years. She has nine storytelling CDs that have won over twenty awards and is the accomplished author of five children's books. Her sixth book is in process and will be available soon.

Her amazing vocal pyrotechnics and dynamic physicality make her stories come alive and enthrall and delight audiences from four to one hundred and four!

Donna presents a wide range of tales from many different cultures. Korean Stories, Greek and Celtic myths, African folk tales, Arthurian Legends, English lore, American folk heroes, Halloween stories, holiday stories and a mixture of many other things including personal narratives and stories of her own creation.

She has been featured at numerous festivals, schools and libraries and other venues across the country and internationally.Donna spends her days roaming the country performing for schools, libraries, festivals, theaters and special event venues as well as doing workshops for educators, librarians and anyone else who will listen to her.

Schools: $700 for one 45 minute performance; $900 for two, $1,100 for three, $1300 for four – plus lodging.
Libraries: $600 for one 45 minute performance, $800 for two, $1000 for three, $1200 for four – plus lodging.

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Teresa Whitaker & Frank SchwartzTeresa Whitaker & Frank Schwartz

52 Wheeler Drive
West Suffield, CT 06093
(860) 930-9480
Email: ftzj@cox.net
Websites: www.teresawhitaker.com

Teresa and Frank awaken imaginations with story and music. They infuse world folk tales, myths and original stories with rhythm, movement, creative dramatics and song. Using voices, guitar, harp, banjo and percussion they invite audience participation and inspire a love for these timeless stories.

During school assemblies students hear age appropriate multicultural stories. In residencies, students strengthen their own storytelling and writing abilities. They internalize narrative structures and learn to take creative risks in a supportive community. They retell using drama, art, puppetry, masks and song writing.

Teresa and Frank offer a wide variety of programs (single day as well as workshops, in-services and extended residencies) connecting storytelling to literacy standards, including:
• Learning to Tell Stories (students often tell their stories to other classrooms, or create a school wide storytelling festival)
• Environmental programs with special focus on water
• World folktales (they also offer programs with a special emphasis on Celtic or Appalachian tales, or Greek myths)
• Storytelling: writing and telling
• Intergenerational Storytelling (collecting, crafting and performing stories with students and elders)

In addition Teresa has also done extensive work creating lullabies and offers the following to parents, family centers, libraries and hospitals:
• Creating a lullaby Tradition
• Creating a Meaningful Bedtime
• Teresa also leads a 4-day retreat for women storytellers each summer in Massachusetts.

Fees: Upon request

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Dawn WrightDawn Wright - Balladeer/Storyteller

596 Hartford Rd
Brooklyn, CT 06234
Phone: (860) 779-9371
Fax: (860) 779-9371
Email: dawnsong@charter.net
Website: www.iamdawnsong.com

Dawn's "song and story" are the 'Appleseeds' of the waterways and land. Founded in a vital sense of the preservation of America's history and the connectedness of all humans and "critters", Dawn has travelled the Eastern United States for over 30 years, sharing her instrumental variety and skill, spontaneous audience participation, costumes, props and folklore, with audiences of all ages.

Authentic sources from the North Carolina mountains and the Connecticut River Valley.
Dawn also offers preschool 'literacy' song and story programs.

"...[her] rapport with the audience is fascinating...[it] conjures up mental pictures with her narrative while stirring the emotions with her song." - Executive Director, CT Symphony Orchestra.

Video demo and CDs available.

ANNOUNCING a 2-CD recording set release!
“MUSTARD SEEDS - A LEGACY by Land, by Sea, by Sky”
Original songs and stories re-told, by Dawn Wright

Fee: Upon Request

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Dawn WrightNothando Zulu {No tan do}
Master Storyteller

1112 Newton Ave. N.
Minneapolis, MN 55411
612-529-5864 (voice)
612-529-5951 (fax)
Email: nzulu@blackstorytellers.com
Website: www.blackstorytellers.com

Nothando Zulu is a Master storyteller who has been sharing stories with audiences since 1976.

She shares stories that entertain, educate, motivate and inspire. She has performed at many venues locally, nationally and internationally. She draws from an extensive resource of colorful, often funny characters whose antics and follies leave audiences pondering their own life’s lessons.

As Director of Black Storytellers Alliance, she and her husband with the help of the Board of Directors has produced a three-day storytelling festival celebrating the art of Black storytelling called, “Signifyin’ & Testifyin’” (now in the 24th year).

Nothando is also a wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, community and political activist who believes in the power of stories.

When working with or performing for seniors, she loves to share stories that relate to them. She being a senior herself and having worked with many senior programs brings stories of memory and levity to life for the listener. Come listen and remember; join in and laff.

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