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Robin BadyRobin Bady

85 Chester Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11218
Phone: 718.633.6651 / 347.512.7685
Email: robbady@gmail.com
Website: RobinBady.com

Whether performing for adults or children, or both, award winning storyteller Robin Bady brings her stories to joyful life. Funny, street-smart and engaging, her storytelling thoroughly engages as she hits the right notes, and us to make universal connections.

Her repertoire includes fairy tales, folk tales, sci-fi, Carl Sandburg’s “Rootabaga Stories”, Jewish stories and oral storytelling. She LOVES real ghost stories. Her personal stories “engage us from the first word” and address issues like bullying, family relationships, running away and returning home. She often partners with a rock and roll violinist, an instrument builder/composer, and/or a cartoonist. Lots of fun!

Robin teaches popular storytelling and literacy workshops for children and adults, including a new online class with homebound seniors throughout the NY metro area.

Robin performs and teaches throughout the US and Europe, in any place large or small where people gather to listen or to tell stories.

Podcast: Beyond Chelm - http://jcastnetwork.org/chelm/>

Youtube: children - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0d08KNDsQvQ
adults - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skB2_AQ7gFk

Fees: Vary according to work booked, and are negotiable for block bookings.

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Mark BinderMark Binder

Pembroke Villa
PO Box 2462, Providence, RI 02906
Phone: 401-272-8707
Email: mark@markbinder.com
Website: www.markbinder.com

Mark transmits joy with story. He is the author of more than twenty books and audio books for children, families and adults. Since 2000, he has performed before more than 195,000 listeners of all ages in more than 1,300 performances. Based in New England, he has toured the world telling stories in New York, London, Paris, Dublin, Sneem and Kalamazoo.

Mark graduated from Columbia University, where he studied mythology with T.E. Gaster and Storytelling with Spalding Gray. He holds an MA in English and Theater from the Trinity Rep Conservatory and Rhode Island College. He has studied yoga, contemporary dance, Decroux-style mime, and holds a third degree black belt in Aikido, the martial art for peace. He has taught an undergraduate course in “Telling Lies” at the Rhode Island School of Design, where he was nominated for the John R. Frazier Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Mark Binder brings diverse audiences together with an energetic blend of traditional and original stories (with the occasional song). He works with all ages from adults to mixed family audiences to Elementary (PK-5), Middle (6-9) and High Schoolers (9-12). He's even offered college-level course in "Telling Lies."

For schools, Mark offers a variety of programs ranging from engaging author visits (for reading week, inspiration and information), writing and creativity workshops, and thematic programs ranging from "The Art of Peace" to "A Holiday Present." Mark's programs are educational and entertaining, perfect for a pre-vacation reward, or to give students an arts/cultural experience. He also offers family engagement programs.

"Thank you for coming to our school. The students and teachers truly enjoyed your stories. We all appreciated your enthusiasm! We will definitely keep you in mind for future events." – Charlene Baer, Librarian, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Academy

For libraries, Mark's summer reading programs are a perfect blend of reading encouragement and spoken-word engagement. Great for Spring Breaks, Back-To-School, Holidays, Spooky Stories or more. NOTE: When Mark comes to a library, he adjusts his program based on the audience that shows up, so that everyone enjoys the show.

"I loved it, it was a great show! The stories were wonderful. We had adults that were guffawing and we had kids that were giggling and laughing... It works with all ages..." – Stu Parsons, Sandwich Public Library

For camps, synagogues, churches and other organizations, Mark captures the attention of every listener and holds it. He knows how to find the right mix of stories for any age group in any setting, indoors our out.

For adult venues and seniors, Mark's programs are adaptive and exciting. Whether it’s a private party or a lecture series, get in touch and he’ll create a program for you.

Themes include: Author Visits • Cinderella Spinderella • Eureka! Science • Writing Workshops • It Ate My Sister (and other family stories) • A Holiday Present (multicultural) • It was a dark and stormy night (spooky stories) • Silly Stories and Songs • Tall Tales, Whoppers and Lies • Life in Chelm, and many more.

Books: The Zombie Cat, Loki Ragnarok, Cinderella Spinderella; Stories for Peace; The Bed Time Story Book; It Ate My Sister; It Ate My Sister; Genies Giants and a Walrus; Kings Wolves Princesses and Lions; A Hanukkah Present; The Brothers Schlemiel.

Audio: Transmit Joy!, Classic Stories for Boys and Girls; Tall Tales, Whoppers and Lies; A Holiday Present; Fat Charlie and the Witch; It was a dark and stormy night...

Video samples at http://markbinder.com/video/

Fees: Please Contact Beth Hellman beth@markbinder.com or call (401) 272-8707
to discuss costs and dates.

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Carol BirchCarol Birch

32B Heritage Circle
Southbury, CT 06488
Phone: (203) 264-3800
Email: carolbirch@gmail.com
Website: www.carolbirchstoryteller.com

Carol Birch understands metaphors rock. In her sure voice, stories by America’s finest authors - like Carl Sandburg, Ray Bradbury, John Steinbeck - are appropriately conversational and intimate. Her art is an absence of artifice. Her repertoire features folks whose courage and compassion keep making a difference! Audiences respond to her infectious enthusiasm: adults want her to stay; kids want to know when she'll be back; colleagues want to talk shop.

Recipient of the National Storytelling Network’s Circle of Excellence Award, Birch’s books and recordings have earned multiple awards. She’s traveled across the nation, including eight featured performances at the National Storytelling Festival. She’s received two grants from NEH, invitational tours to Australia, Europe, and Singapore, and led five storytelling tours through Ireland, Scotland and England. Media appearances include ABC's Nightline, CBS' Morning Show and National Public Radio.

At the Baseball Hall of Fame, a man yelled, "That lady knows her s***!" – echoing the kid who said long ago: "She knows that story 'cause she was there."

“[Her] voice is a magnet for ears and the tales she tells make the heart beat with a little more confidence … a warm and enchanting style.” – NUVO Weekly

In review of a 2016 Parents’ Choice Gold Award recording, MORE THAN A CUP OF KINDNESS, Lynne Heffley wrote: “Big moments in history make the textbooks; smaller moments can drift into obscurity… Here, two World War II-era stories of compassion that occurred under very different circumstances are given new life by award-winning storyteller Carol Birch."

Fees vary according to work booked, but PUBLIC libraries and PUBLIC senior centers receive drastically reduced rates.

More information is available at www.carolbirchstoryteller.com
Contact by phone 203-264-3800 or via email carolbirch@gmail.com

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Eshu Lawrence BumpusEshu Lawrence Bumpus

75 Lincoln St.
Holyoke, MA 01040-2664
Phone: (413) 533-0767
Email: eshu@folktales.net
Website: www.folktales.net

Performances of African, African-American and World Folktales accompanied by workshops in storytelling and storywriting form a full-day program designed to entertain and educate students while increasing their confidence in their own story creation.

Eshu offers single-day programs, workshops, in-services and residencies.

"It is remarkable how quickly he establishes rapport with children and how skillfully he creates an environment of collegiality among students."
– Peg O'Sullivan, Literature and Whole Language Consultant, Rowayton, CT.

Fees: Call Young Audiences of Connecticut, (203) 230-8101

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Len CabralLen Cabral

30 Marcy Street
Cranston, RI 02905
Phone: (401) 781-0019
Fax: (401) 781-0020
Email: Len@LenCabral.com
Website: www.lencabral.com

Len Cabral is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning storyteller and author who has been engaging and entertaining audiences with his storytelling performances for over 38 years.

Sharing folktales and stories from around as well as original stories and poetry Len has performed in many schools and libraries throughout the state of Connecticut. Len is a popular storyteller at theaters, schools and festivals throughout the United States and has performed at festivals in Ireland, Belgium, England, Wales and Austria, as well as Amsterdam, Bali and Singapore.

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Michael CadutoMichael Caduto

PO Box 1052
Norwich, VT 05055
Phone: 802-649-1815
Email: michaelcaduto@p-e-a-c-e.net
Website: www.p-e-a-c-e.net/
Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-yNs0FkiAA

MICHAEL CADUTO –  Master storyteller, musician and author –  is known as much for his entertaining, humorous and poignant programs, performances and workshops as he is for his award-winning children’s books, including the Keepers of the Earth® series.

Michael has been featured by NPR and the BBC and has reached over 500,000 people of all ages in North America, Europe and the Middle East with dynamic performances that blend indigenous world tales, native instruments, guitar, singing and dance. He is a juried artist with the Vermont Arts Council, the New Hampshire Council on the Arts and is on the roster of the New England Foundation for the Arts’ New England States Touring (NEST) grants program: www.nefa.org

Michael’s programs and writing focus on Earth stewardship, cultural diversity, science and the arts. He has written and co-authored eighteen books –  selling 1 million copies worldwide –  including Catch the Wind, Harness the Sun; Riparia’s River; Earth Tales from Around the World; Native American Gardening; In the Beginning; the Keepers of the Earth® series and The Crimson Elf: Italian Tales of Wisdom. His books have received the Teacher’s Choice Award, Aesop Prize (American Folklore Society), Storytelling World Award, Skipping Stones Award, NAPPA Gold Award and Green Earth Honor Book Award. His musical CD, All One Earth, Songs for the Generations, received the ASCAP Popular Award.

As founder and director of P.E.A.C.E.® –  Programs for Environmental Awareness & Cultural Exchange –  Michael pioneered the use of storytelling in environmental education and Earth stewardship and has worked closely with many indigenous peoples. His collaborative work on environmental storytelling in the Middle East was honored with the National Storytelling Network's prestigious Brimstone Award for Applied Storytelling.

REVIEWS: “Your performance was a Summit favorite!” – Coordinator, National Wildlife Federation Conservation Summits, Washington, D.C.

“The best program we’ve ever had.” – Teacher, Bernardston Elementary School, MA

“A dynamic and powerful performance.” – Librarian, Oliver Wolcott Library, Litchfield, CT

“A magical hour.” – Northfield News

“A joyful night…engaging, educational, full of life.” – Education Director, Coyote Point Museum, CA

“Stories that transcend with gestures, sounds and ambiance of space.” – Teacher, Stratham Memorial School, NH

“Captivating! You can actually ‘see’ the story unfolding before your eyes.” – Librarian, West Hartford, CT Public Library

“Michael lured his audience into a raptured silence.” – Librarian, Ilsley Public Library, Middlebury, VT

“A full-time Michael Caduto was requested!” – Director, Operation Skylark Children’s Nature Day Program, Sterling, SCOTLAND

“Awesome!” – Fourth graders, Hampden Meadows School, RI

Fees: Start at $450 plus travel and lodging (if overnight is required).
Reduced rates available for block-booking

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Tom Callinan & Ann ShapiroTom Callinan & Ann Shapiro

Crackerbarrel Entertainments
55 East Town Street
Norwich, CT 06360
Phone: Ann (860) 889-6581;
Tom & Fax:(860) 889-6648
Email: ann.s@crackerbarrel-ents.com
Website: www.crackerbarrel-ents.com

Featured tellers at the National Storytelling Festival and tellers-in-residence at the International Storytelling Center, Tom Callinan & Ann Shapiro present a collage of stories with music and humor as an integral part of the telling. As solos or in tandem, they tell folktales, stories of the sea, Irish stories, stories with a twist and even spoonerisms.

They are available for performances and workshops for all ages, preschools through senior centers.

Tom was chosen to be the first Official Connecticut State Troubadour. Ann is a teaching artist through the Connecticut Office of the Arts Department of Economic and Community Development.

Fees: Negotiable

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Audrey Daigneault, Ph.D.Audrey Daigneault, Ph.D.

586 West Thames Street
Norwich, CT 06360
Phone: (860) 949-8631
Email: audrey.daigneult@gmail.com

Audrey tells traditional and literary stories for children, adults and family audiences. Puppets and instruments form an enticing part of participatory performances. Experienced with malls and outside settings. Workshops available.

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Sara deBeerSara deBeer

51 Randal Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06110
Phone: (860) 561-5905
Email: sdebeer@comcast.net
Website: www.storydebeer.com

People really get INTO the stories I tell. A ninety-one-year-old observed, “As I listen to you, I imagine a lot of things and I can put myself into the situations and how would I react? Would I react the same way as the people in the story? It’s mind-building.” A fifth-grader confided, "Ever since the day I have heard one of your stories, it always feels like no one is around me and I am an actual character in the story".

Where do I tell stories? I’ve told to Boy Scouts gathered by a flickering campfire and to families cuddled on blankets on a beach. I’ve shared stories with listeners in senior centers and independent living residences. I've worked with students in public and private schools, urban and suburban communities, from preschoolers to college students. When working in schools, I design programs that tie in with on-going classroom studies of math, science, social studies, and language arts.

What do I tell? I present programs of multicultural myths, legends, and folktales to audiences of all ages. I often weave stories around a particular theme, such as "Tales of Winter Wonderlands" or "Tales of Deep-Rooted Magic". Audiences discover the richness of each individual culture while also appreciating the universality of human experiences.

What is my background? I have been working as a storyteller since 1978; I am also an experienced classroom teacher with degrees from Yale and Bank Street. My expertise has been widely recognized: I am a teaching artist for Hartford Performs!; my work as a Performing and a Teaching Artist has been approved by the CT Office of the Arts (DECD / COA); I am a trained facilitator for “Familyread”, “Book Voyagers”, and “Literature for a Lifetime” ( CT Humanities Council) and a CWP (Connecticut Writing Program) fellow.

People remember the stories I’ve told. When I think of the value of storytelling, I remember running into some New Haven teenagers. They stared at me for a few moments and then smiles of recognition broke out on their faces. "You're the storyteller, aren't you? You came to our second grade class and told us that story about that magic tree.” These kids had heard me six years ago, and yet they still remembered me AND the story I'd told them; their smiles showed that the memories were good ones. It is encounters like this that remind me how much I love being a storyteller.

Audience: All ages.
Fees: $250 and up.

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Leeny Del SeamondsLeeny Del Seamonds

Master Story Performer™
31 Newport Drive
Westford, MA 01886-1433
Phone: (978) 692-3961
Email: leenydel@comcast.net
Website: www.LeenyDelSeamonds.com

With a face and voice that launched a thousand characters, Leeny Del Seamonds is an internationally acclaimed performer, coach, multi award-winning recording artist and professional Voice Actor. Her animated and uplifting tales and tunes reflect her love of people and desire to embrace life to its fullest. From a prized television show to a village in Gengcun, China, to the Comix Club in NYC to the National Storytelling Festival and Cayman Islands International Storytelling Festival, Leeny encourages listeners to rejoice in human and cultural diversity, inviting them to share in her Cuban-American sense of humor and joy of performing.

Winner of the NSN ORACLE Circle of Excellence Award and awarded the title 2002 National Storyteller of the Year®, Leeny Del Seamonds is recipient of Parents’ Choice Gold & Silver Awards, a Storytelling World Winner Award and an iParenting Media Winner Award. She is celebrated and sought-after for engaging, interactive performances (for all ages) and hands on skill-building workshops. Leeny’s unique, versatile and champagne voice draws listeners in and holds them captive.

Leeny Del Seamonds stars in the PBS and Fox Television/DVD series Ribert & Robert’s WonderWorld, a cherished children’s program airing globally. Her highly praised recording ¡Ay Caramba! ¡Ay Ay Ay! Cuentos y Canciónes (Latino Stories & Songs) takes listeners on a journey through Leeny's rich Latino heritage and won a 2003 Parents' Choice Silver Award. Leeny's musical CD, CelloTales: The Melding of Music, Myth & Memories, created and performed with cellist Gideon Freudmann, won a 2004 Parents' Choice Gold Award and a 2005 Storytelling World Winner Award. Her newest recordings are geared for seasoned listeners. It Takes Two to Tango – Ties that Bind Us is an alluring, witty and insightful look at the triumphs and tribulations of relationships and Shadows in the Woods – Spine-Tingling Tales is a compilation of Leeny’s original scary stories guaranteed to shiver and chill all who lend an ear. Leeny’s book, “Techniques to Rule the Stage: Pathways to Command Your Story Performance,” is available at Amazon.com and is receiving rave reviews.

With Latino passion, fire and wit, Leeny Del Seamonds’ dynamic one-woman shows and renowned workshops headline festivals, concerts and events worldwide.

“Internationally acclaimed Leeny Del Seamonds is a natural entertainer whose multicultural stories and songs reflect her love of people. An award-winning master storyteller, Del Seamonds peppers her tales with humor, mime, character impersonations and her vivacious personality.” –The Boston Globe

“Leeny, a heartfelt thank you for sharing your multiple talents and superb stories – you are truly a wonderful ambassador for storytelling!” – International Storytelling Center

Fees: $600 and up.

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Jeanne Donato, Ed.D.Jeanne Donato, Ed.D.

82 Potter Hill Rd
Westerly, RI 02891
Work: Joy-O-Loons: (401) 596-0886

Fax: (401) 596-6935 "push send"
Email: JeanneDonato@aol.com

Jeanne Donato is an Integrative Learning, Story, and Expressive Arts Facilitator. Co-author of Storytelling in Emergent Literacy: Fostering Multiple Intelligences, she offers professional development trainings, storytelling and writing artist-in-residencies programs.

She is a certified Educational Kinesiologist, Brain Gym instructor, HeartMath Resilient Educator, and Heart Smarts instructor for pre-K - fifth grade.

Jeanne integrates the Expressive Arts, with bio-feedback, emotional restructuring, and play, to reduce stress and enhance focus and learning.

As a core adjunct professor in Southern Connecticut State University’s Art of the Oral Tradition graduate program she created, and developed courses and facilitates workshops internationally.
She holds a BA in Elementary Education; A Masters in Story Arts/ Reading, integrating Storytelling into the Curriculum; and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership researching: Reducing Test Anxiety and Improving Academic Performance.

Her storytelling Winter Lady®, Patriotic Lady, Pioneer Lady, and Storybook Lady are available for block bookings.

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Peg DonovanPeg Donovan

P.O.Box 106
Stonington, CT 06378
Phone: 860-535-4106
Email: mspeg10@gmail.com

It's storytime like you've never seen before! With books, puppets, and felt board in hand, Ms. Peg will lead your children on a merry journey into the magical world of language. Using rhyme, rhythm and audience participation storytelling, Ms. Peg engages preK and K classes in a fun-filled, 45 minute story program sure to delight your youngsters and inspire their teachers. Giggling is guaranteed!
Listed on the Hartford Performs Teaching Artists roster, Ms. Peg has performed in schools, daycares, libraries, community centers and festivals throughout Connecticut and Rhode Island.

"What an impact she has on the children in our center! The children are engaged and learning. They talk about a visit with Ms. Peg for days to come!"
– Jaime Calcagni, Site Manager, TVCCA, Taftville.

"When Ms Peg comes,the children take delight in "reading" with her as they are guided through their learning using songs, fables, puppets and books. Our youngest learners come to love and respect early literature, understand stories, predict story outcomes, develop phonemic awareness, rhyme, all while having fun. I've seen children come to love literacy in all its forms - talking, listening, reading, writing and communicating. There can be no better gift to give a child that will prepare them for future success."
– Cheryl LaMothe, Site Manager, New London Day Nursery

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Norah DooleyNorah Dooley

Greater Boston 02118
Phone: 617-460-3544
Email: norah.dooley@gmail.com
or ndooley@StoriesLive.org
Website: www.norahdooley.com

Norah Dooley is a storyteller, educator, critically acclaimed children’s author and creator of StoriesLive®, a high school storytelling curriculum and story slam program. She is the co-founder of massmouth.com and the Greater Boston Story Slam series. In Massachusetts she is represented by Young Audiences.

As project director of StoriesLive® she created and implements a curriculum used to teach over 8,000 Greater Boston high school students to tell compelling first person narratives. As an adjunct faculty she teaches storytelling to undergraduates at Tufts and graduates at Lesley University.  In January 2014, she returned to lecture on storytelling and language acquisition in Tokyo, Japan as part of a multi-year grant funded by the Japanese government. Norah was invited as a featured performer at the Exchange Place of the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough,TN in 2013. www.norahdooley.com

Available for workshops, training, performances, residencies and literacy development for K-12 and adults in all stages of life. Fees negotiable.

 "We have had a lot of authors come but yours was the best presentation we’ve ever had."
– Mr Robbins, Principal, Agawam, MA, Junior High after Norah's presentation to three hundred 8th graders, Nov 23, 2015

““After your presentation to children in third, fourth and fifth grades, we had one child [I would describe as a ‘reluctant writer’] who asked his teacher, “Could we do some writing when we get back to the classroom?”… not , “When is recess?”, or “Can we have our snack now?”. You really struck a chord with so many. The teachers were thrilled to hear you say things they constantly say to children to encourage them to write. Your manner of presentation was captivating, convincing and encouraging… for children and adults." 
– F. Haven Starr - Henry Bernard School, Providence RI October, 2009

"Norah’s presentation to the Mass Bay District UU ministers and religious educators today was somewhere beyond superlative. I’ve been preaching, teaching,(and preaching & teaching) the value of stories, for 35 years now. And in that entire time I’ve never encountered someone who could do what you did: both demonstrate and teach memorable story-telling technique simultaneously. Brava!"
– John Buehrens First Parish in Needham, MA

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Diane EdgecombDiane Edgecomb

PO Box 300016
Boston, MA 02130
Phone: 617-522-4335
Email: dedge@livingmyth.com
Website: www.livingmyth.com
Follow Diane on Facebook: www.facebook.com/diane.edgecomb.9

Winner of the National ORACLE award for storytelling excellence in the Northeast.

Listen to storytelling samples, order CD's and digital downloads on Diane’s Website: www.livingmyth.com

Learn about upcoming performances at Diane's calendar: www.livingmyth.com/calendar/

An award-winning storyteller, author and theatre artist, Diane’s unique performances have received rave reviews at schools, colleges, theaters, libraries, festivals and nature centers for over twenty years.

Her interactive programs for elementary school audiences are beloved by teachers and students alike because they entertain while they educate: Digging Dinosaurs, Insect Comedy, Rainforest Legends & Tales for the Earth are only a few of her curriculum friendly programs. Culturally related offerings include Native American Nature Tales, Fairy Legends of Ireland (with Celtic harp accompaniment) and A Fire in My Heart a program with slides, music and costume on the Kurds of the Middle East.

For families, Diane shows how wonderful stories expertly performed create unforgettable events. She has been a featured guest on NPR, is a three-time winner of a Storytelling World Honor’s Award and is a recipient of the first National Storytelling Network Oracle award for Regional Excellence. She has been Teller in Residence at the acclaimed International Storytelling Center and has been featured at the National Storytelling Festival.

“Edgecomb is an entire cast rolled into one.” –  Publisher's Weekly

“Thank you very much for coming to Chaplin Elementary School last week. You made a big impression on all of the children as well as their teachers. One teacher who had caught a bit of both performances was amazed at how well you geared each presentation to the grade level. Her second graders couldn’t stop talking about it! One fifth grader told me he liked the bird voices best of all. It isn’t often we make all of the students as well as their teachers happy, but you did it!” – Rebecca Goettel, Lead teacher and assembly coordinator, Chaplin Elementary School, Chaplin, CT

Audiocassettes: CD - Pattysaurus and Other Tales; CD - Deirdre of the Sorrows; CD - New Age Gawain and the Green Knight; CD - In the Groves: Tree Myths and Music from Around the World.

Books - A Fire in My Heart: Kurdish Tales (the first collection of Kurdish folktales to be published in English)

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Anne-Marie ForerAnne-Marie Forer

Anne-Marie Forer’s Tunes-n-Tales for Toddlers,
Pre-schoolers and Kindergarteners.

• Based upon Gordon’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences.
• Blends music, movement and storytelling.
• Developmentally appropriate themes and learning   experiences.
• Invites participation by both children and grown-ups.
• Engaging and lots of fun!

Anne-Marie Forer is a storyteller and musician who has been “edu-taining” youngsters for nearly 25 years. A former teacher and children’s librarian, she performs at schools, libraries and festivals throughout RI, Connecticut and southern New England. She plays a variety of instruments including guitar, fiddle, banjo and ukulele. She also uses sign language, fingerplays, puppets, rhythm instruments, scarves, and flannel boards to enhance her stories and songs. Her goal is to provide rich literacy experiences that promote language development, creative thinking, listening and focus. Every program is also planned to support developmentally appropriate music and movement concepts.

In addition to her regular programs Anne-Marie also performs as Mother Goose, Apple Annie, The Pumpkin Princess, Engineer Annie, Mother Nature, Mrs. Claus and Mrs. Frost. Visit www.tunes-n-tales.com to learn more.

Anne-Marie also tells in tandem with storyteller Cindy Killavey. Their programs of stories and songs target elementary age students. Please check their directory listing; Take Two Tandem Tellers, for more information.

“For me, a day without sharing a story or song is like a day without sunshine!”

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Saul FussinerSaul Fussiner

Email: saulfussiner@gmail.com

New Haven-based storyteller, Saul Fussiner, tells highly personal stories that Theatre Critic Christopher Arnott has called “scintillatingly self-aware.” Some of his stories are humorous; others are emotionally raw.

Between 2013 and 2015, Saul told a new original story almost every month for two years at New Haven’s Café 9. He has also told or read stories at the “Guerrilla Lit” and “Difficult to Name” Reading Series in NYC, and in Connecticut at the New Britain Museum of American Art, The South Windsor Public Library, The Buttonwood Tree, Neverending Books and the Institute Library. In October, 2016, he was featured at the Pound Ridge Storytelling Festival with Matthew Dicks and Jennifer Munro. He is a member of the Story City Troupe and the Institute Library Group.

Saul’s stories can be read in New Haven Review #17 and Iconoclast Literary Magazine #113 and #115. Several of his written stories can be heard on Laura Hurwitz’s Easy Chair podcast.

He is also a teacher, a graduate student in Educational Leadership and a produced screenwriter. In 2017, he was awarded a Fund for Teachers fellowship to study the legacy of the "Troubles" in Northern Ireland. As a result of his work in Northern Ireland, he is currently co-authoring a play with Northern Irish playwright Donal O'Hagan, which contrasts the Irish conflict with racial violence in America.

Saul teaches storytelling workshops at libraries, schools, training programs and community organizations. He currently tells a new story on the first Friday of every month, with Story City, at the Buttonwood Tree in Middletown.


Rates are negotiable.

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