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ConnTell Directory

A Directory of Storytellers

The Connecticut Storytelling Center produces this online directory as a resource for anyone seeking a storyteller. The listing contains the names of accomplished tellers who are available to work in Connecticut.

Each storyteller has his or her unique style and each has a diverse repertoire which may include folk tales from a variety of cultures; personal or original stories; literary tales; stories for young people of varying ages, and some more appealing to adults. From Goldilocks to Gilgamesh, chances are whatever kind of program is sought, it can be provided by a teller in the listing. By offering this service, the Connecticut Storytelling Center does not intend or imply any specific recommendations. Presenters are encouraged to contact storytellers directly. For other information, contact the Connecticut Storytelling Center at 860-439-2764.

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  A-F: Robin Bady • Mark Binder • Carol Birch • Eshu Lawrence Bumpus • Michael Caduto • Len Cabral • Tom Callinan & Ann Shapiro • Audrey Daigneault, Ph.D. • Sara deBeer • Leeny Del Seamonds • Jeanne Donato, Ed.D. • Peg Donovan • Norah Dooley • Diane Edgecomb • Anne-Marie Forer • Saul Fussiner
  G-L: Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi • Jackson Gillman • Carol Glynn • Liz Gruber • Bill Harley • Glenn Harper • Jim Hawkins • Gail Herman • Sara Ingram • Les Julian • Steve Long • Sharon Lynch
  M-Q: Linda Marchisio • Carolyn Martino • Lauren McClelland Mendoza • Shawn Middleton • Motoko • Jennifer Munro • Mystic Paper Beasts • Meris Palmer • Arnie Pritchard • Gwendolyn Quezaire-Presutti
  R-Z: Joyce Marie Rayno • Bob Reiser • Ethel Miller-Reith • Karianna Rosenberg • Carolyn Stearns • Catherine (Cate) Steel • Take Two Tandem Tellers • Joe Theroux • Laconia Therrio • Tim Van Egmond • Margie Warner • Donna Washington • Teresa Whitaker & Frank Schwartz • Dawn Wright • Nothando Zulu
I would like to purchase a one year listing on this directory for $75.

Please email photos and blurbs to csc@conncoll.edu

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